About Heli’s Gold

The hair of your dreams starts with your scalp. And that’s where our focus lies. Heli’s Gold is a new generation of hair care products that make your scalp health our number one priority. Because a well-nourished scalp is the perfect foundation for fuller, shinier hair that’s radiant with health.

The hero ingredient that makes Heli’s Gold so incredibly effective? It’s the little known Helichrysum Italicum flower. These golden flowers may look pretty, but they are also one of nature’s powerhouses. Packed with rejuvenating and rebalancing properties, they’re nothing short of miraculous.

Heli’s Gold will nurture your scalp and hair back to prime condition. In fact, your hair will be healthiest it’s ever been.

Importance of the scalp

It’s time to remember that our scalps need as much care and pampering as the rest of our skin. Because it is true; the healthier the scalp, the healthier the hair.

Don’t underestimate the impact of a healthy scalp: think of it as the soil from which great hair grows. Just consider the facts. Each hair grows from an individual follicle on your scalp. If that follicle is clean, clear and well-nourished, the hair that grows from it will be the same. But if the follicle is blocked or starved of nutrients, the hair will suffer too. Glossy, shiny, voluminous hair comes from a well-loved scalp.

This is where Heli’s Gold comes to the rescue. Your scalp is crying out for pampering and that’s just what it gets. The unique Helichrysum Italicum essential oil, along with an all-star cast of other beneficial ingredients, nourishes, purifies and re-balances the scalp skin. The result is a scalp in prime condition and healthy, shiny hair to match.

Introducing Helichrysum Italicum

The extraordinary Helichrysum Italicum flower has been used for thousands of years, revered for its ability to rejuvenate scalp, hair and skin. Heli’s Gold formulations use the Italicum species, unique to the Mediterranean region and only grown in a few select areas.

The name is derived from the Greek words helios meaning sun and chrysos meaning gold. In ancient times these tiny golden flowers were presented as sacred offerings to the Greek gods. And it seems that the flowers really do have a golden touch.

Recent scientific research confirms the natural curative benefits of Helichrysum Italicum. In fact, we can now prove what traditional herbalists have known all along. It’s an extremely powerful restorative ingredient.

Helichrysum Italicum has uniquely powerful antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-fungal and
anti-inflammatory properties. The essential oil, used in its purest form, also helps to promote healthy skin cells by speeding up the healing and growth processes.

What does this mean for your scalp and hair? It means a revitalized and rebalanced scalp. It means no more flakes, itchiness or dandruff. It means well-nourished follicles producing strong, healthy hair. And all that means glossy, voluminous, beautiful hair for you.

Our values and ethics

At Heli’s Gold, we are very particular about how we source our ingredients. We have partnered with small, family-owned organic flower farms to ensure the sustainable production of the highest quality ingredients.

We can guarantee that our hero ingredient, Helichrysum Italicum, is 100% organic. Officially certified by Ecocert, it has been rigorously tested and evaluated.

Mission Statement

As a company with global reach, we are very aware of how our product innovations and actions impact individuals and local communities, as well as the larger economy. It is our duty to continue developing healthier, sustainable products. We hope other companies will follow our example in trying to leave a positive footprint on the world.

The collections

Our collections are tailored to treat both scalp and hair to ensure your hair is the healthiest it’s ever been.


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